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Carly's Law to become a reality

Posted by CarlyRyanFoundation

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After ten years of hard work, we have now given police and prosecutors a new weapon they can use to intervene sooner, and secure more convictions, in cases of internet predators. Carly's law will give greater protection to children, teenagers and families when these insidious offenders attempt to infiltrate their lives.

Carly's Law represents not only a significant improvement in Federal law but also an evolution of our foundation's initial proposal.

What we've wanted, all along, is for predators who lie about their age online to be held accountable for their deceit. Under Carly's law, those people will be caught - as will anyone who undertakes any act, makes any preparation, or devises any plan with the goal of causing harm to or engaging in sexual activity with a minor. And they will face up to 10 years in jail.

We simply cannot count how many lives have already been saved, and how many children have made safer choices online, because of Carly's story. These changes announced on Thursday, March 2nd, are a beautiful tribute to Carly's legacy that will make a difference for so many more children and their families.

Thankyou to each and every one of you who signed our petition, an outstanding 100,000 members of the Australian community backed our fight.

Response from Malcolm Turnbull - Prime Minister of Australia

"Sonya Ryan lost her 15yr old daughter Carly to an online predator. Sonya has worked tirelessly to protect young Australians. With Sonya's help and in Carly's name we have taken action to provide greater protection for young people online. Carly's law will enable law enforcement agencies to take action sooner and with greater consequence. Sonya, we thankyou and we stand with you."

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