Online Safety Seminars

Our children are using the internet daily to connect with each other and the world around them. It is important to empower students to make wise choices, to look after their digital reputation and keep themselves and others safe while navigating the internet and apps.

The Carly Ryan Foundation delivers detailed online safety seminars nationally to both primary and secondary school students. We also provide seminars for teachers and parents giving participants valuable information on how to navigate the worldwide web safely.

Our seminars are given to students from Year 5 through to Year 12.

We offer seminars for the parents of students younger than Year 5 as we believe a good foundation for online safety and good practices should begin at home. The most effective results within schools is to include a parents session. This enables open discussion and action at home, creating unity between home and the school community.

Our sessions provide connection and positive outcomes throughout each community we visit. Testimonials are available upon request.

The seminars are presented by our Founder & CEO, Sonya Ryan and include the following information;

• Sharing private information and navigating the worldwide web

• Sharing information and Federal law

• Sexting

• Cyberbullying prevention and support

• Online choices and real life consequences

• Social Networking and social media sites

• Mobile devices and settings

• Ipad settings

• Managing applications and settings

• Online gaming

• GPS enabled devices

• Safety

• Resources

• Practical advice

Each seminar requires a minimum one hour to deliver.

If you would like to request a seminar for your school or organisation, please email and our foundation will contact you upon receiving your request.